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About the Parish of Llanishen

What is a Parish?

A parish covers a specific geographic area and is looked after by a cleric assigned to it, there are over 900 covering the whole of Wales. The Parish of Llanishen covers Llanishen, Thornhill and parts of Cyncoed and the Heath.

How Many Churches are in the Parish of Llanishen?

There are two churches in the Parish of Llanishen; St Isan and St Faith.

Do You Have to Live in the Parish to Attend Weekly Services?

No, not at all. Although most of the congregation live in or near the Parish, some travel up to an hour by car.

About The Church in Wales

What’s the Difference Between The Church in Wales and The Church of England?

Until 1920 the Welsh church was part of the Church of England. The Welsh Church Act 1914 was passed by the Government to separate the Anglicanism in Wales from the Church of England. The differences are administrative more than anything else, with The Church in Wales being very much part of the Anglican family.

About Christianity

Do You Have to Read the Bible to Become a Christian?

It’s recommended that Christians read, or at least have an understanding of, the Bible, but isn’t obligatory. It’s something that needs to be done with guidance as well, because the Bible can be pretty tricky to understand at times. There’s lots of support available in the Parish if you’re looking to start reading the Bible, just get in touch with us.

Why Are There so Many Denominations of Christianity?

Within Christianity, there are three main branches: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy (which is chiefly practiced in Russia and Eastern European countries). While virtually all Roman Catholic churches have the same beliefs, form, and structure, Protestant denominations can vary. The rise of denominations within the Christian faith can be traced back to the Protestant Reformation, the movement to “reform” the Roman Catholic Church during the 16th century, out of which four major divisions or traditions of Protestantism would emerge: Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, and Anglican. From these four, other denominations grew over the centuries.

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