03 Baptisms

  • 1. Dates. Holy Baptism is administered on a Sunday during the 10.30am service or after the main service at 12:30. Dates are not reserved until the application form is completed.
  • 2. Godparents. When choosing Godparents you should choose at least one woman and one man. Please note that Godparents must be baptised Christians themselves.
  • 3. Promises. The service requires Godparents to re-affirm their own baptismal promises, to affirm their allegiance to the Christian faith and make three promises on behalf of the child. A copy of the Baptism service will be provided in advance for parents and Godparents to familiarise themselves with.
  • 4. Adult Baptism. Adults are usually baptised and confirmed by the bishop. A short preparation course usually takes place annually. If you are interested and would like further details please contact the vicar.
  • 5. Fees. There are no fees for the service of Holy Baptism but a collection is taken during the service towards the work and upkeep of the church.

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