17th February 18

News - We’re Pleased to Launch Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. When we started thinking about a new website for the parish we came up with two central goals 1.) to appeal to a broad audience not already engaged with the parish, and 2.) to provide engaging information about what the parish offers, from regular events such as choir practice to providing a great community asset—the Church hall.

We’ve worked hard to create a site that embraces and celebrates the rich tradition and history of Christianity and Anglicanism in Wales, whilst also embracing modern technology and the internet. You’ll notice that the homepage is somewhat minimalist, almost looking like a list. This is of course intentional, representing a progressive trend in web design whilst also bringing something new to the table.

We want you to have an engaging and memorable experience, and for the site to demonstrate the positive benefits of the parish, and a minimalist design allows us to focus on great content.

The central theme of the site is “togetherness”, with the core messages on the homepage centered around this theme. The iconography also re-enforces the theme, making prominent use of circles and soft, warm aesthetics.

So please take a look around, there’s lots of new content on the site and we’ll be adding more over the coming weeks. And of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.